Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iPad 2 Advancements and iPad 3 Rumors

With rumors of an iPad 3 on the horizon, we decided we’d take a look back at what made the iPad 2 such a leap from the original iPad.  While much has been written about the physical changes (thinner, lighter) and the addition of the front and rear cameras, the processor change in the iPad 2 was a major advancement that increased productivity.

Why?  Well, Apple moved from the A4 processor to the dual-core A5 processor.  As a dual-core processor, the A5 has the ability to run two instructions at the same time.  Theoretically, this doubles processing power compared to an identical speed single-core processor.  What’s amazing is that Apple was able to make the leap without sacrificing battery life (there is no difference in battery life between the first and second-generation iPads). 

The A5 also includes the iPad 2’s GPU, which is a full nine times faster than that found on the original iPad.  What does this mean to you?  Games, video, photo editing and anything else graphically related will run faster and smoother on the iPad 2 than on the iPad.

So, understanding the leaps Apple made with their first and second generation iPads, what do we expect for iPad 3?  Well, current rumors are that the chip will be a quad-core A6, which we can assume will be lightening fast.  The extra processing power is actually expected to preserve battery life, since the quad-core will be smaller and faster.  The only other unconfirmed rumors are the screen size (1536x2048), dual-LED light bars to strengthen screen brightness, and the possibility of two models with different cameras.  iLounge is reporting that this next iPad might be more of an interim product (think iPhone 4S).

Keep checking back with for details on the iPad 3 and for information on how to sell your old iPad for top dollar as the transition from second gen to third gen begins!

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