Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Holiday Sales - Saving Even More

After Christmas sales are a great time to score a bargain! Retailers are eager to clear shelves for new merchandise and boost their revenue to close out the year.  Best Buy is no exception.  This year Best Buy is heavily promoting electronic bargains--everything from TVs to video games.  We are taking a look at one of the hot categories this year: DSLR cameras.  Pre-Christmas, DSLR cameras were routinely on sale and now Best Buy is discounting two popular Canon models.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i
The top of the line EOS Rebel model is well priced at $716.99 at Best Buy (MSRP $899).  With HD video, Vari-Angle LCD screen, and 18MP, this is one of the best brick-and-mortar prices we've seen.  It is however, still slightly more than the avg used price of $709.  And, Amazon* is currently offering this for an even lower price of $689.  


Canon EOS Rebel T2i
A very comprable model to the T3i, the T2i doesn't offer the Vari-Angle LCD screen and the file sizes are slightly smaller.  Best Buy isn't discounting this model near as much.  They are offering it at $689.99 (MSRP $799), and yet it can be found for an avg used price of $621.  Again, Amazon* offers it for even less than used at $619.99.


*Amazon changes their prices regularly.  This listing is as of 9:00AM CST 12/26/11.

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