Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

At first glance, it would be easy to look at a title like “How to Buy a Pre-Owned Luxury Watch” and think the idea is silly. After all, we are a consumer nation and if we know anything, it is how to buy things. When you picture buying a luxury watch and you think, “Well, I will just walk into the luxury watch store and buy one,” it is best to slow down and think the process through.

The function of telling the time is one of the few aspects of a timepiece that are similar between a utility watch and a luxury watch. Those who are in the market for a luxury watch do not see the purchase as having any relation to a common household item. It is much closer to a piece of artwork and as an investment, both financially and in the image of the wearer, than how a utility watch is viewed.  Therefore, let’s review some key ideas for making that treasure hunt for the perfect luxury watch for you a success.

The word “luxury” in the term “luxury watch” is there for a reason. These are watches that are made to be beautiful, stylish and to impress others. Luxury also brings with it a significant price tag. Part of that price tag comes from the finishes (gold, diamonds, the crystal) and some of that it can be attributed to the brand affinity. Of course, comparing value for cost is always a good idea, but be mindful that when you are in the luxury watch market, cost is not always a primary factor in the quality.

There are two types of movement in luxury watches—quartz and mechanical.  Quartz watches tend to be more accurate (to .05 seconds) and cost less.  Mechanical watches, however, are more complicated and have the advantage of never needing a battery (some quartz watches are run on solar power and also do not require batteries).  Watch enthusiasts generally favor the more expensive mechanical movement because it retains its value over time and is considered more refined.

You should also research new ways you can go about shopping for a luxury watch, which includes who you buy from. There are numerous used watch resellers on the internet, in addition to local shops in your area.  Important factors to consider are the reputation of the reseller, the price and the condition of the timepiece. can help you determine the proper price to pay for a pre-owned luxury watch and help you find one at or below the 90 average price (there is also an iPhone app).  eBay and Amazon are both major resellers and have the added advantage of offering feedback on sellers that you can use to make your buying decision.
By understanding why you are investing in that luxury watch, you can narrow down what it must look like, what it must do, and how much additional functionality it should have for the money you wish to invest. That is the kind of advance research and thought that will benefit you tremendously when you finally hit the Internet and luxury watch merchants to buy that perfect watch to fit your personality and your needs.

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