Monday, October 24, 2011

Protecting That Tablet

While the iPad and other tablets are not as expensive as some laptops, they are a significant investment. Many new tablet customers are frustrated that in addition to the high price tag of their gadget, they also have to buy several accessories. And, while this does add to the price, it is smart to invest in a quality screen protector.

You purchased your tablet with the intent of enjoying quality content from the internet because of the fantastic screen quality of the tablet device. That is a big reason for investing in a screen protector. A tablet device is much more portable than a desktop PC and even a laptop. As such, the screen of that tablet is vulnerable to damage, scratching and other forms of degradation. The screen protector is there to keep the screen of your tablet looking great for a long time.

Generally screen protectors for tablets devices like the iPad fit over the screen and attach to it with an adhesive. It is easy to want to cut corners on the price, but we are here to tell you that this is a bad idea. A poorly designed screen protector can be difficult to adhere and subject to bubbles or haze.  These are not ideal conditions for enjoying your new tablet.  Prices on screen protectors range from a few dollars to $70.  The best bet is to find a mid-range priced shield that reviews well.

We recommend the SGP iPad Screenand Body Protector Set Incredible Shield Series.  Not only is it less prone to bubbles, it is available in different sheens which allows you to choose the look you like best.  At a price of $34, it’s affordable quality.

When you get a new screen protector, you should get a few extras in the box. You may get a screen cleaner to use so that when you put the screen projector in place, there are no problems that will plague you down the road. You should get a nice cleaning cloth and spray to use on your tablet screen as well. Pay close attention to the instructions for putting the screen protector on your tablet device so that you can enjoy your tablet wherever you are!

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