Thursday, September 22, 2011

Musings on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 & the Rumors surrounding iPhone 5

From the moment Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, it has reigned supreme as a coveted piece of technology.  Every iteration has had swams of people lining up, some even waiting overnight to get their hands on one. Today the battle is between the iPhone 3GS or the new iPhone 4, but in a few short weeks, that will change with the addition of the iPhone 5. Apple continues to include new options and to give consumers what they want. The smartphone has really changed the way we use our phones. They are like a virtual office, entertainment center, GPS and, of course, we can still use them to make phone calls.

There were certainly some bugs with the iPhone 3 GS, but to give Apple credit they worked hard to fix those problems. That is why so many felt that the iPhone 4 would offer more. Some of the features it does offer are a better camera and a longer battery life, yet there are some concerns with this model, too (remember the antenna debacle?). It is a learning experience, and one that Apple embraces fully.

People can debate it all day long about the value of the iPhone 3 GS or the iPhone 4. What is known though is that the iPhone 4 seems to be more durable. It doesn’t have the cheaper-looking or-feeling plastic. The camera takes amazing photos, too, so most people don’t have to carry around their digital camera anymore, just their smartphone. They can also access data outside of the office with ease.

The iPhone 3 GS certainly doesn’t lack value, though. In fact, it has been a technological achievement that will go down in history. It is fast, and it has a nice look to it. While it does weigh a bit more than the iPhone 4, both of them seem to fit well in carriers and in pockets without any problems. They both have amazing speed for carrying out tasks.

Regardless of if you have the iPhone 3 GS or the iPhone 4, you have a remarkable phone. If you have an iPhone 3 GS, you may be able to get a great deal on the iPhone 4 in a few short weeks.  Rumors are that there will be a discounted version available after the launch of the iPhone 5.  As more people upgrade to the newest model, it will drive down prices for the older technology. If you want a smartphone at an affordable price, then this could really help you to get your hands on what you want.

The announcement for the iPhone 5 is expected to take place on October 4th, and when it does, you can be sure that the latest iPhone will be in short supply.  So far no concrete information is available regarding the new features, but we’d love to see a larger screen, the ability to Facetime using 4G service, and Flash support.  The first two seem likely, but our dreams of Flash running on our iPhone are pretty much that, just dreams.  I guess we will find out in two weeks!

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