Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five Great Dive Watches

Finding the right kind of watch that will perform well while you are scuba diving takes some looking. The function of a dive watch is different than the Timex you might wear above the water day in and day out. A dive watch is designed to withstand the depths of the ocean, keeping water out of the case despite the increased pressure.

Depending on who makes your dive watch and what you are looking for when you make that investment, that important part of your diving equipment can provide a number of functions while you are down below. It may have a timer that can let you know how long you have left on your oxygen supply. It may have GPS and compass capability which can help you stay oriented.

Above all, when you are on a dive, your equipment must be dependable. To get that level of dependability even in your dive watch, go with one of the top watchmakers and brands that are well known in the diving world for being reliable. Here is a good list of great dive watches to consider.

Omega Seamaster
Omega is one of the oldest watchmakers on the market, so they know their stuff about how to make quality timepieces. After being established in Switzerland in 1848, Omega has become an international cornerstone of the quality watch industry. Part of the appeal of owning an Omega dive watch is that it has become the brand of watch that is associated with glamour, fame and the glitter of Hollywood. Because many people in the performing arts wear Omega watches, they get plenty of attention and that is just good marketing by Omega.

The Omega Men’s Seamaster collection are the models that the watchmaker has customized for the diving community. It is well known in the diving world because it is not only stylish, but it is a precision timepiece, s one would expect in a luxury watch.  In fact, it is now the watch of choice for James Bond. It is also a dive watch that undergoes a tremendous amount of testing. The result is that it is well known as a highly dependable dive watch that many in the diving community swear by.

Luminox 3001
Navy Seal Dive Watch
The very name of the Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch tells the reason why this watch is viewed with such respect in the diving community. When Navy SEALS were the ones who successfully killed Osama bin Laden recently that only emphasized the fact that these military units were the best in the world and their equipment and training was top quality as well. These rugged and dependable dive watches have proven themselves under the most stressful of conditions while serving Navy SEAL teams on some highly demanding and dangerous missions. If these amazing dive watches can deliver time and time again for the best military units on the planet, they can do the same for you as well.

Dive Rite Dive Watches

Dive Rite NiTek Trio Dive Computer
The Dive Right NiTek Plus Computer is the result of the work of two adventurers who did underwater cave exploration in Florida, so they knew exactly what was needed for a challenging diving experience. These dive watches are distinguished by being compact so they do not represent a bulky presence on the arm but pack a huge amount of sophisticated technology into them.

Just a few of the amazing features that makes this diving computer/watch an outstanding tool for taking on underwater challenges includes a diving log, a planning mode, a depth tracker, and technology to help track and gauge the oxygen that is keeping you alive from your diving tanks. Because the Dive Right NiTek Plus was invented by highly experienced and dive-savvy masters of the sport, you know it is a dive watch that will take care of your needs well when you go into the deep. Finding one may be a bit hard, however, as Dive Rite retired this amazing feat of technology in 2010.

Citizen Aqualand BJ2000-09E
The Citizen Aqualand dive watch is the result of years of development and evolution of many versions of dive watches this well-established watchmaker has put on the market. If there is a dive watch that a big segment of the diving community swears by, the Citizen Aqualand dive watch wins hands down.

One feature of the dive watch that divers swear by is that the battery of the watch takes care of its own needs by charging from any light source. That means that by simply wearing the watch outside, the battery is always charging. One reason they sell so well is that Citizen dive watches also look great in everyday situations, so you do not have to invest in a special watch for diving and then change into the watch you wear to work or on a night on the town. Citizen dive watches perform well in all of those situations and keep on doing so month after month after month.

Casio Sea Analog Illuminator
When you start to take interest in diving as a new sport, the costs can get pretty overwhelming, so there is a market for a good reliable dive watch that is affordable. It makes sense because a dive watch that will serve a seasoned explorer is not necessary for a novice who is satisfied with simple dives at relatively shallow depths.

The Casio Sea Analog Illuminator dive watch fills that niche beautifully. Of course, Casio is a well-known and well-respected watchmaker, so small wonder that they make a good dive watch that does the job and holds up well underwater but does not require a second mortgage to purchase. It is a tough watch with an illuminated dial and just as much waterproof abilities and scratch resistance as any other dive watch on the market. It is great watch for starting out because it will be there for you dive after dive after dive (up to 200 meters) and will only make your first explorations into the undersea world more interesting and exciting.

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