Monday, August 15, 2011

The Top Five Sports Watch Brands

If you are in the market for a terrific sports watch, there are several brands you have at your disposal to choose from. It can seem tough to decide what to get, but finding out about the top five can help you to narrow down your selection. Then you can allow your personal preferences to help you pick one of them.

The fact that sports involves a lot of movement and often contact means that you have to get a watch that can handle an active lifestyle. For example, it has to be scratch resistant and it has to come with a very secure clasp. Those that are water resistant and sweat resistant are great, too.

Timex Ironman T5E231
Timex offers the Ironman Sports Watches line. There are quite a few models that fit into this category. The ability to monitor heart rate and GPS can be helpful in a wide variety of sports. They can be purchased for an affordable price, and they are very easy to use, too. The last thing you want is a complex sports watch that is frustrating to use when you are concentrating on your performance.

Casio is another great sports watch brand. They offer tons of features, styles and designs. They have one of the best selections, so don’t be in a rush to pick one of them. Take the time to explore what they offer. These sports watches have a reputation of lasting for many years as well, which is impressive in a sports watch.

Garmin Forerunner 305
Garmin is the leader when it comes to GPS-enabled sports watches. If you need such a feature then you may want to consider the Forerunner 305. They also have the 405 and the 405 CX. You can get map navigation with them and a large screen to help you find what you are looking for with ease. While they are bulky watches, you won’t be disappointed with all they display. A GPS sports watch is great for sportsmen who get out into the wild, such as hunters and fishermen, or for those long hiking trips.

Omega Seamaster Diving Watch
Chances are you have heard of the Omega brand, as it has been the official watch of the Olympic Games. It has also been widely associated with water-related sports. You will find that they offer many great models, and you can find the one that is ideal for your style as well as for the type of sports that you enjoy.

TAG Heuer released its sports model for the first time in 1961 and it was a huge hit. This type of watch was created mainly for racing events, but that quickly turned into so much more. This is a type of sports watch that is pricey, but it also gives you plenty of value for your money so it can be a wonderful investment.

Take your time to look at these top five sports watch brands. As you do, you will find that at least one of them really captures your attention. Take the time to put it on, to see how it looks, and to see how it feels. When you do so, you will find the ideal sports watch that you can rely on and that you love wearing.

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