Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Timelessness of a Rolex

Fashion is one of those forces of nature that is irresistible. In every aspect of how we view ourselves and present ourselves to the world, fashion has a role to play. Even for those who defiantly declare themselves to be outside of fashion, there is a dress code to live up to that defines you as a member in good standing of that culture. This is the role of fashion.

We tend to think of the pervasive influence of fashion when it comes to clothing and hairstyles. There is no question, however, that the waves of fashion also come often to other aspects of appearance. From hats, shoes, makeup and jewelry to body art and much more, fashion has something to say about what is cool and what is not. Therefore, we should not be surprised when watches fall under the domain of fashion as well. There are times when certain watches are fashionable and it is entirely possible to see the watch or watches you own and love suddenly become very unfashionable and you have to put them away.

What we should be surprised about is that there is one watch that is above fashion. This one watch openly defies the comings and goings of the dictates of fashion moguls because it has always been known as the very definition of the highest quality watch that you can possibly own. That watch is a Rolex.

Rolex is now and always has been the kind of watch that attracts attention. The very fact that you own a Rolex defines you as a person of refinement and sophistication. Because the name Rolex is identified with the highest echelons of society, if you own a Rolex, it is assumed you are wealthy. Rolex is to watches what the Rolls Royce, Lexus or Cadillac are to automobiles. If you own a Rolex, nobody would be surprised if you left the evening’s event to depart by private jet to vacation in the south of France. That is just how powerful and timeless the image of the Rolex watch is in our culture.

Much of the reason that Rolex has been able to step out of the changing parade of fashion and become timeless is the sheer beauty of the watch. It is a watch where people who you do not even know may come to you just to look at your Rolex. That stunning watch design is not some space-age marvel. It is the original design that Rolex innovated decades ago and it is one that continues to captivate owners and admirers of Rolex to this day.

The media has had no small part to play in defining Rolex as the timepiece of the wealthy and elite. In countless plays, movies or television shows, if the writers want to reference an object of great wealth, the Rolex watch is the device of choice. Rolex watches are more than just something people use to figure out what time it is. They are a cultural icon that says “class, style and wealth.” When the word Rolex enters any conversation on stage or off, nothing more needs to be said. The implication that the wearer is influential, important and highly stylish is a given.

Despite the phenomenal advances in technical gadgetry that other watchmakers have introduced, Rolex can afford to stay above all of that. Is it trendy to have a watch on your wrist that is packed with so many buttons and dials that it is hard to tell the time for all the gadgets that the watchmakers are trying to use to sell watches? Rolex has never had that problem. If anything, to make a Rolex watch trendy or to add unnecessary gadgets to it would cheapen the image that has sustained the watch as a cultural icon of excellence for decades.

The explanation of why the Rolex is timeless is complicated. It is easy to see that the Rolex is one of the finest watches on the planet and that is why people who will settle for nothing but the best must have a Rolex. At the same time, the image and the reputation that simply owning a Rolex brings with it is also a potent reason why Rolex is now and will always be the very definition of what it means to own a fine watch.

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