Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smart Shopping on Amazon's Used-Item Marketplace

When we think of shopping for used items, we naturally get images of driving from garage sale to garage sale. When you think of online shopping, it's safe to say you probably think of Amazon. Amazon has been such a powerful force in retail sales online that they have dramatically changed how people shop for everything from books to the music they love.

Now you can put those two images together because Amazon also offers a huge used-item marketplace that puts a much bigger world of used products at your fingertips. You would not go out on even a casual morning of garage sale hopping without some kind of plan and strategy, so it makes sense that when you set out to conquer the Amazon used-item marketplace, you develop a plan so that the shopping you do there is smart shopping as well.

As is true of any large online used item marketplace or retailer, the first step is to get to know the lay of the land. So, how do you find used items on Amazon?  One way is to go through PriceAdvice.com and search for the used item you want.  PriceAdvice will display the best deals and provide you with information on the fair market price.  Or, if it is not a category that PriceAdvice supports, you can find used items directly on the product pages on Amazon.  If Amazon has a used version for sale, it will be listed in small print underneath the main price—and example is “9 used from $57.”  To see all nine listings, simply click on the text and it will give you all of the information—price, location, condition, seller, etc.

Smart shopping on the Amazon used-item marketplace is about a lot more than just finding listings of the item you want. It is also about knowing how to evaluate sellers. For this you can use the profile of the seller that is kept on Amazon’s used-item marketplace. There you can see if the seller has been rated well by other buyers or if there have been problems doing business with him or her. That one step can save you hours of problems.

The great thing about a tool like the Amazon used-item marketplace is that they are such a trusted retailer. Plus, the sheer number of used items is impressive. When you take your love of shopping for used items and combine it with pricing data from PriceAdvice, you’ll be able to really take advantage of the large selection of products on sites like Amazon and eBay.  It’s just smart shopping!

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