Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Omega Speedmaster- It's Lunar History

The Omega Speedmaster watch has a fascinating history. It's accompanied every NASA moon mission and is the watch of choice for astronauts. That big accomplishment is one that Omega is more than happy to brag about. After all, NASA is very particular, and the fact that they are able to accept such a well-designed product means that it is absolutely outstanding. The obstacles that occur with a trip to the moon can create a variety of problems, but the Omega Speedmaster was unshaken and continued to perform on each voyage it took.

Buzz Aldrin wearing his Omega Speedmaster.
The lunar history of it means that the Omega Speedmaster can work just about anywhere. The complete functionality of it means that it will always be part of history. In 1957 it was part of the Apollo space mission, and was worn by Buzz Aldrin as well as many other astronauts.

The Russian space team has also used the Omega Speedmaster for its moon activities. This only further promotes the idea that it is the ultimate watch. It comes with a great warranty on the coaxial parts, so it doesn’t demand that the owner must take excessive care with it. You can use it for your daily activities and never think twice about it.

Most of us will never go to the moon, but we will always need to be able to tell the time. The Omega Speedmaster ensures that you have a timepiece that is well made, that you can rely on, and that looks great for anything that you have planned each day.

Omega Speedmaster
The rust-proof design of the Omega Speedmaster watch make it desirable to the public as well. After all, this is the type of watch you want to be able to proudly wear for many years. If your watch develops signs of rust, that will end its productive life. If you aren’t sure if you should invest in the cost of an Omega Speedmaster, just keep in mind how well it stands up – both here on Earth and on the moon.

Water resistance is also one of the features of the Omega Speedmaster that makes it so resilient. Careful planning, testing and lots of research were put into the design of the Omega Speedmaster and the outcome was an amazing watch. It is just as well loved now as it was when it first came out in the late 1950s.

The tachymeter for speed measurement and three sub-dials in the Omega Speedmaster allow for precise time to be kept. When the Omega Speedmaster was taken on the moon, accurate time for the recording of information was very important. It means that the information collected by the Omega Speedmaster can be considered to be part of verified history.

Now that you know the history of the Omega Speedmaster, you should have a new appreciation for it. Going to the moon is just one of the many things that this particular timepiece has become associated with. The early days of the space program didn’t have the technology that we rely on today. In many ways, back then the Omega Speedmaster was cutting edge technology that helped to make those amazing accomplishments possible.

The fact that this watch was ready for the moon adventures means that even back then Omega was leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. They have never slowed down in continually updating the Speedmaster so that it continues to be a luxury watch that others simply can’t compare to. If you are looking for a great new watch, you have found it!  To get it at a great price, research well cared for preowned Speedmasters.  PriceAdvice can help you locate one at or below fair market value.  To search, click here.

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