Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Maintain and Store Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are expensive and they look amazing. If you want to keep them looking their very best, you need to store them correctly and care for them the right way. Otherwise, they won’t hold up to the test of time like they should. Never assume that every watch requires the same type of care.

When you buy any used luxury watch, you always ask for the instructions. If the seller does not have them, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the manual from there. Most manufacturers have digital copies available for download. Take the time to read through all of the details before you do anything else. If there is information you don’t fully understand, contact the manufacturer. Don’t assume that every watch has the same set of guidelines for daily use.

The Rolex Sea Dweller is
designed for diving.
If you get a watch that is water resistant, you need to know the limitations. For example, is the watch rust resistant? If not, then you don’t want to expose it to saltwater. If you have one for diving or other water-related activities, find out what depth you can take it to without any damages. If you plan to do deep diving, you certainly want to make sure you have a luxury watch that can handle it.

The temperatures that your watch will be exposed to are something you need to look at for correct care of a fine watch. If you have the watch in extreme heat, the battery life won’t last as long as it should. If you have the watch in extreme cold, then it may cause the watch to not keep time accurately. If you will be in conditions that are at such extremes, you certainly want to make sure you get a luxury watch that is going to stand up to them well.

Omega watches are
shock resistant
Never wear your watch when you are using chemicals or solvents. You don’t want to be around high levels of static electricity either. Chemicals and solvents could discolor the watch and make the band not as durable. It is best to not wear your watch around any harmful substances that could get inside the mechanism and damage it. If you have a job or are going into a situation where that kind of exposure is possible, leave your luxury watch home.

You want to make sure that you have a shock-resistant watch, too, so that you are safe. Make sure you keep the band and the face of the watch away from anything that could harm it. When you aren’t wearing your watch, store it in a dry location that won’t suffer exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Cleaning the watch is something you need to pay attention to. Many luxury watches come with the recommendation to have them serviced and cleaned once per year. Never do this at home; you should always have it done by a professional. If you don’t have such a professional locally, contact the manufacturer. They can tell you where you can send it for such servicing.

By properly keeping and storing luxury watches, they will retain their value for a very long time. Should you decide to sell it, you will be able to get a nice amount of money out of the deal. If you decide to pass it along to a child or other family member later on, you want to give them something that looks amazing and that is in great running order because you took very good care of that fine watch over the years.

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