Monday, August 8, 2011

Five Things You Don't Know About the iPhone

The iPhone has been a stupendous commercial success by anybody’s standards. Millions of iPhones have been sold and the use of the iPhone has revolutionized more than just the telephone industry. It has had a stunning impact on how people take pictures, communicate using social networks, and access the Internet.

The overwhelming impact of the iPhone that has reached far beyond the telecommunications industry has surprised everybody, including the iPhone’s creators, Apple Computers. What may be the biggest surprise in the iPhone universe is that despite that massive army of users of the iPhone, there are some very useful things that very few people know about their iPhones. Here are the top 5 things that you may not have known about the iPhone that you just bought:

You can control the features that your children can get to on their iPhones.

This can be a stunning revelation for parents who want their kids to have iPhones because of the security. You want your kids to learn to use this powerful technology well, but you don’t need to sit up nights worrying about the content that they are viewing or how much they are overwhelming your credit card at the App Store or on iTunes. It really is not a difficult process. Simply go to (1) Settings (2) General and (3) Restrictions. You will be at the level to take control of that iPhone and make it a safe device for the kiddos.

You can shut an app down and not let it run the show.

You may already know that if you tap the Home button on your iPhone twice, you will see all the apps (applications) that are running in the background. Many people do not like those apps taking up residence in their iPhone. There is a process called “force quitting an app” that will push those unused apps out of the background memory so that you only have apps you like running all the time. It is quite easy to do. Simply tap the running app and hold it for a moment. A force quit button will magically appear and you can shut down that app. Do that with all of the apps that are cluttering up your background and you will have successfully become the master of your iPhone.

You can be the boss of the search function.

Spotlight search is a hit with the vast population of iPhone users. What is great about this search tool is how many ways that people can use it. It is great for finding an app and launching it in a heartbeat or finding that email that you really need to see in a hurry. What you may not know is that you can take charge of how the iPhone search function works so it serves your needs perfectly. Once again, you will be stunned at how easy it is to do. Just go to (1) Settings (2) General (3) Home and then (4) Search Results. From this location you can order how that the search function delivers answers to you or eliminate some things from the search feature entirely so you never have to look at them again.

There are a few little tricks to be kind to your battery life.

Sure, the iPhone is magic, but it still runs on good old battery power. No matter how cool the apps that you have are, you still have to think about maintaining good battery life, just like you have done with every other gadget since the iPod. Naturally, you will get in the habit of recharging the battery often, but along with that, you can use a few tricks that cut down on the drain on that battery without taking any of the cool out of the iPhone. There are some real power-hog features you can turn off like Bluetooth, 3G or spps that are just using power and not doing anything. Turn them off and your battery will thank you for it. While you are at it, take the LCD brightness down a notch. You can have a great time with your iPhone without it being seen from space and your battery will live a longer and happier life for it, too.

A good old-fashioned reboot is still a healthy thing to do for your iPhone.

We all remember the PC days when it was smart to reboot the PC every so often because otherwise, it just seemed to get slower and had more problems. Even our amazing new gadgets like the iPhone could actually benefit from that same kind of tender loving care. A simple thing like rebooting your iPhone can keep it operating at tip-top condition anytime you need it. The reboot process is not at all difficult. Simply hold the Standby and the Home buttons together for about 10 seconds. Pretty soon, a slider will show up for you to shut down the iPhone or the Apple logo will let you know you got it right. Start it back up again and you are good to go.

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