Friday, August 5, 2011

Fitness Watches that Watch Your Heart

There was a time when all a watch did was tell you what time it was. Thankfully, the innovative minds who work to improve watches from year to year have found some useful additional tasks that can make a watch more than just a timepiece. Watchmakers have actually made a watch part of the solution for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their heart rate to make sure the old ticker is doing what it should.

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It makes a lot of sense that a good wristwatch can do a great job as a heart rate monitor. Other forms of heart monitoring must be strapped to the arm to take the pulse through the veins that operate up and down your lower arms and biceps. The typical wristwatch sits right over a major artery that is often used by medical people to take the pulse to determine if a patient is alive or how strong their heart rate is. A fitness watch can monitor your heart rate constantly, which is perfect for anyone who needs it during a workout or for a heart patient who needs that kind of care.

There are numerous applications for a fitness watch that can also watch your heart. A fitness watch is a perfect choice if you have a loved one with a heart condition. By giving you and him or her the ability to know exactly what is going on with that heart, you can determine if some activities are too stressful and head off what could be an unwanted heart-related health episode that could turn tragic. It is not exaggerating to say that fitness watches that watch the heart have saved lives before.

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The obvious reason that many watches that can monitor the heart rate are purchased is for people who are using them during athletic activity. However, the medical value of fitness watches for helping people who are out to improve their health picture through exercise is tremendous. Many people set out to lose weight to combat the effects of declining health through various kinds of fitness programs. Any fitness trainer will tell you that the only safe way to set out on that kind of program is to do so while monitoring your major life functions. The heart rate ranks as number one on that scale.

It is easy to set out to get in shape and go at a new fitness program too aggressively. That could happen while jogging or while playing a sport like tennis, basketball or racquetball. The excitement of the sport can get the best of you and before long, too much work can be put on a heart that is not used to it. A well-made fitness watch that monitors the heart can let you keep an eye on this important vital function every moment of the competition and if things are getting too intense, you can stop the game before it stops you.

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