Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deciding Between Watch Brands

Brand loyalty is what all companies strive for with their customers. If they can create a community of customers who are brand loyal, that makes new product offerings that much easier to market. This principle applies just as well to luxury watches as it does to breakfast cereal or sports cars.

There are some brands that just dominate certain industries in terms of brand loyalty, like Apple for computers and HP for printers. Similarly, when you are in the market for a new watch, there are some very well-known brand names to consider, including Rolex and Omega for luxury brands and Timex and Casio for sports watches. The real decision is whether to go with a particular watch brand and which one to pick.

Panerai is a fine example of a niche
watch brand with a loyal following.
The number of watch brands on the market is astounding, so one decision to make up front is whether to go with a well-known brand or to consider an lesser known watchmaker. Niche watchmakers may present a superior product and have a loyal customer base, but they do not make as much of an effort at marketing to increase their brand recognition. As a rule, you are erring on the safe side to go with a watch brand that has a strong reputation for quality. The reasons to take a chance on a little-known brand may be the recommendation of a friend or because a particular watch they sell has special features that you cannot get from the larger watchmakers.

The type of watch you want will also push you toward a particular watchmaker. There are specific watch brands that excel at making sports watches, while others are well known for catering to the luxury watch crowd. Others such as Timex have a loyal following with middle-class consumers who use their timepieces primarily for functional purposes.  Read about the different manufacturers on the PriceAdvice site.  You’ll find a company history on each product page with information to help you decide which brand is for you.

Bulova watches are well made,
but affordable timepieces

All of these are perfectly valid markets, so one way to narrow down the number of watch brands you are considering is to focus on what you want out of your watch. How you use a watch and whether it has to serve as a fashion accessory, a rugged team member in sports, or simply as your daily companion will go a long way toward telling you who makes the best watches to fit your needs.  If you are looking for a fashion accessory, a luxury brand like Rolex, Omega, or Tag Heuer would be reasonable (Bulova is another great brand that is more economical).  If you need a watch that can take a beating during sport activities, then a Casio is your best bet.  Or if you just want it to tell time, an Invicta, Seiko, or Timex would serve your purpose well.

There is nothing like reputation and recommendations to seal the deal for a particular watchmaker. Your friend’s watch may inspire you and you won’t have to work hard to get him or her to brag about their watch and why they like that particular brand. Don’t decide base solely on one factor. Looks are as important as the durability of the watch and the reputation of the watchmaker. By combining all of these factors, you will narrow down your hunt for the best watch brand for you. If the watch you buy this time serves your needs well, that watchmaker may get your brand loyalty because, quite simply, they earned it.

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