Friday, August 26, 2011

Buying a Used Item as a Gift

The idea of giving a used item as a gift might seem strange at first. There are a number of situations, however, where purchasing a used item is the perfect choice and one that not only you will be happy with but one that will thrill the recipient as well. Obviously, you would not give some worn out item you found at a garage sale as a gift, but there are certain items that are a perfect fit for the used category.

Luxury watches are another perfect fit for buying used.  Often, coveted, collectable models can only be found on the pre-owned market.  And, certain watches are more valuable as they age—a clouded crystal on a Rolex actually adds value! Understanding the true value of a watch is often tricky, so doing some homework on the average market price is extremely important.  While some Rolex Submariners can be had for a few thousand dollars, other cost upwards of $60,000.  You certainly don’t want to overpay, so check with PriceAdvice before you buy.

Antiques are another great example of a used item that makes a wonderful gift. The antique markets are diverse and the shopping experience alone can be a huge adventure. You can find real treasures at an estate sale for a song or you can use your shopping prowess to find rare and treasured items at antique shops or online. If the one you are gifting loves antiques, take him or her antique browsing and just pay attention to what they linger over. There you will get plenty of ideas for a great gift for that antique lover so that your next gift will be a delightful surprise.

Electronics are a hot gift item, but the idea of buying used may sound odd if you are looking for a gift.  Keep in mind who you are shopping for and you might just find that a used electronic is perfect.  If your spouse is an avid reader, but likes to save money, he or she might appreciate that you saved some dough by purchasing a used iPad or Kindle. They might like the long term savings of buying electronic copies of books as well!  Or, if your son or daughter is a budding photographer, purchasing a used DSLR camera is a great way to encourage their artistic side while they hone their craft.  Plus, with the detailed descriptions provided in most online sales, you’ll be able to determine if the electronic in question is in good enough condition to give as a gift. 

Another gift that is great used are rare items from the past or items that have personal significance to the recipient. If you wish to buy a toy that has long since ceased being made but that would bring the child back out in an adult, that is a good example of a wonderful type of used item gift. A special edition Barbie or a stuffed animal from a different era would bring a lot of joy to your friend or loved one if you take the time to find the perfect used item to prepare as a special gift for that special person in your life.

It pays to learn the ins and outs online auctions and resale sites because often a used item shows up that really isn’t used at all. On marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon, people will put items they own that are actually new but they wish to sell them. Maybe it was a gift they didn’t want or they won the item in a contest.  Either way, you are likely to save some money. 

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