Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Primer-Tablets for Undergrads

When you are ready to send your college student back to school, they often need the very best technology has to offer. It is no longer optional to send your young scholar off with substandard equipment. Schools are moving rapidly to integrate the most advanced technology into the learning experience. That is why the surge of interest in tablet systems has hit the educational world like a storm.

iPad- The most popular tablet
The different competing tablets that might be best for undergrads all have a lot to offer. The Apple iPad set the standard against which all other tablet devices are judged. However the first iPad that was released lacks a camera for video chatting. The iPad 2 resolves some of the problems with the iPad 1. It might be tempting to wait for the iPad 3 but if your college student is heading off to class soon, such waiting is not a luxury you can afford.  And, who all talk about the next-gen iPad is just rumors.  There is no solid information about a release date.

It makes sense to look at some of the competing tablets because of them are even better suited to the life of a busy college student than the iPad generations. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a great alternative to look at because it is very thin and the display is bright and clear which is perfect for a college student. It is easy to slip into a backpack or to store and it is tough so it will hold up to the busy life of an undergrad.

Motorola Xoom
When you buy a tablet for that college student, you want to be sure it can hold up to the high demands of a very active young person. It has to be able to deliver great video and it supports tons of apps. It is easy for every student who has one to customize it and make it their own. That tablet is the Motorola Xoom. It is driven by the Android operating system and that makes it a tablet that comes out of the box ready to plug into a very active app development community.

Asus Eee Pad
There are a lot of priorities that enter into the decision of the best tablet for the undergrad in your life. For a very durable and versatile tablet and is designed for the tremendously mobile life of a college student, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a great choice. For a tablet made by a well known powerhouse in cutting edge technology, the HP Touchpad has a lot to offer. It utilizes the WebOS extension of the Android system and it is rock solid tablet that will keep on performing without needing any tender loving care, but it lacks the app support of the iPad and Android tablets.

And because technology is ever evolving, it can make a lot of sense to look for a slightly used tablet at a lower price.  For instance, a used Motorola Xoom recently sold for as little as $260, much lower than the retail price of $499.  With some due diligence (and some help from PriceAdvice on the lowest pricing), you can send your son or daughter off to college with a great tablet at an even greater price!

Any tablet that will be able to perform for a college student must be durable and well made. It has to deliver the power and have a robust battery life so that it can get through a long day of classes before demanding a recharge. The great tablets named here are a good starter list. The tablet market is always evolving and changing but if you invest in a quality tablet made by a reliable manufacturer who backs up that product with world class support and service, you will not be disappointed and your college student will love that tablet every day of his or her college career.

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