Monday, August 15, 2011

Amazon Android Tablet - a Rundown of the Rumors

When the iPad hit the market a few short months ago, Apple did what it always does—it turned the computer and telecommunications industries on their heads. With the explosive success of the iPad, it is only to be expected that other companies would make a play for all of that business. Some of the real big dogs in the computer and internet worlds have already released tablets to middling reviews when compared to the iPad, but there are still more in the pipeline.  Who’s tablet is the most anticipated?  Amazon.  Rumors have been swirling that Amazon is hard at work developing an Android powered tablet to compliment their Kindle lineup.  

Word on the street is that Amazon’s Android tablet will hit the market in the fall, possibly October. Amazon reportedly has already set the bar high with an initial sales projection of one million tablets. That would be an impressive launch of a new product to be sure, and, if successful, would be the most successful non-Apple tablet launch to date.  Amazon is no rookie to marketing products of this type so if they expect to ship out over a million units, they must have strong confidence that the demand for their product is there.

They’ve already had success on the e-Reader side with the Kindle.  In fact, until the introduction of the iPad, Amazon pretty much had the e-Reader market sewn up.  And while you can use the Kindle app on the iPad, Apple is making it more and more difficult for Kindle readers to access material from Amazon.  Now in order to purchase material from the Kindle store, you must do so outside of the iPad Kindle App.  Amazon instituted these changes to avoid paying a 30% commission to Apple.  This makes Amazon’s entry into the tablet market even that much more vital to their e-Reader business.

Some of the rumors surround the new Kindle Android tablet include it not having a camera and a screen size of nine inches, focusing less on productivity and more on media (apps, movies, books) from its online store.  If it lacks a camera, that may hurt it against the iPad2, as many people use tablets for both work and pleasure.  Also, according to those rumors, Amazon is designing two different tablets—code named Coyote and Hollywood.

The Coyote is anticipated to be the entry level tablet and rumors maintain that it will be powered by the dual-core Tegra 2 chip. The Hollywood tablet form Amazon is being prepared to offer the serious power punch of Amazon’s tablet family by offering a 500% improvement over the Coyote which will be provided by the quad-core T30 Kal-El processor chip.  Both chips were developed by Nvidia.

By utilizing the Android OS to drive the Amazon tablet, Amazon has taken a smart road in challenging future iPad releases.  The Android operating system is rapidly evolving so it will be able to tap the power of those powerful processors in the new Amazon tablets and support better graphics and multiprocessing. All of this new technology should make for a great “must buy” gift for the holiday season.  Of course, if you only want an e-Reader, the Kindle is still a hot seller.  You can buy one used for as low as $76.  A bargain compared to the latest tablet prices!

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