Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Does a Watch Say About a Man?

It is fair to say that the primary reason for owning a watch has very little to do with what time it is. Realistically, the time is on display in so many places that one really does not need a watch in most situations. In most rooms of your home, you can find the time on display almost anywhere you turn your head. It is right there on your microwave oven, on the screen of your computer, on your alarm clock, on the display of your TV, and on the panel of your car.

At work, the prevalence of clocks and time displays is so omnipresent that you would have to make an effort to stare at your sleeve to not see the time. That means that in the majority of cases, you put on a watch because of what it says about you, not to know the time. That is why it is smart to think through what kind of message your watch is saying to the world about you.

Your watch communicates your sense of style and personality in the same way your clothing or your shoes send those messages. In fact, the way a watch quietly tells people around you who you are may be justification enough to own several watches, so that you can customize that part of your apparel to fit the people you are going to be with and the type of event you are attending.

Omega Speedmaster
If a man is seen wearing a watch of significant bulk, that can send a message that the man is sports minded and very masculine. A bulky watch will make a lump under a formal shirt which communicates that you are wearing a time piece even if it is not showing. A big watch with a large display communicates that you are a man of adventure and bold action. That makes it a good watch to use when going into a sporting environment, to do some flirting in, or even at work to add to an aggressive and manly image you are creating.

An expensive watch with lots of functions communicates style, sophistication and success. It is not unheard of for people to actually see you as a smarter person who they should listen to because your watch tells them that you have status and success in the world. A luxury watch would not be out of line when meeting with clients or as part of a power outfit, because it makes a strong impression and commands respect.

Bulova Precisionist
Modern watches can come with quite a wide array of technological wizardry. What a very trendy watch can say about a man is that he is up to date and very aware of modern technology. At the same time, a watch that is very youthful and fun loving says that the man is someone who enjoys the lighter side of life. It says that this is a guy who may have a quick wit and is full of surprises. That is a great message to send in a social setting where fun is the order of the day.

Vintage Rolex
Another kind of watch that sends an entirely different message is a retro watch that does not use any modern gadgetry at all. What that watch communicates about a man is a sense of style and elegance. In a day and age where most watches seem to explode with gadgetry, a retro watch has a simple sophistication to it that goes well in a setting of refinement and culture.

Knowing what a watch says about a man is useful information in two ways. As an observer, just as you size a man up by his clothes, his hair and his car, let the watch the man wears tell the story of how that man thinks and how he sees himself. Maybe an even more powerful way to use this information is in how you select the watch you wear. Because your watch tells a story about you, you can be the architect of that story by selecting the watch that shouts the message you want others to hear.

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