Monday, February 28, 2011

Real vs. Fake: Tips on Spotting a Fake Rolex

Real vs. Fake: Tips on Spotting a Fake Rolex

It is important to be careful when shopping for good deals online; especially when it comes to purchasing a Rolex watch.  There are many websites online today that try to trick online shoppers into thinking that they are buying a real Rolex for a bargain price when really they are selling them an imitation watch.  So how can you tell a fake Rolex from a real Rolex?  There are a few key features to look for before you make your final purchase.

  1. Check the back of the watch.  The case back of a real Rolex should not be clear.  If you can see the inner workings of the watch, then you are looking a fake.  This rule is true, with the exception of a few rare 1930s models.
  2. While still examining the case back, make sure that there is nothing engraved.  A real Rolex will have a smooth back, and a huge red flag should go up for you if you see “Made in China” engraved on the back.
  3. The more recent models no longer have the 3D crown hologram sticker on the case back.  These stickers were featured on some of the older models, but they became too easy to counterfeit.
  4. The watch’s model number can be found engraved at the end of the watch end-link.  A good fake might have a number engraved, but a real one also has two small Rolex crowns next to the number.  It is important to check for all three.
  5. Look at the bezel.  A fluting bezel is a design that is specific to Rolex watches.  A bezel is considered fluting when it has rigid edges.  This type of bezel is only featured on the watches made of yellow gold, Everose gold, and white gold.  This does not mean that yellow, Everose, and white gold only comes with a fluting bezel, but it does mean that a fluting bezel will not be found on Rolex watches made of other materials.  
  6. Can you hear ticking?  If yes, then it is a fake Rolex.  A real Rolex watch will have a sweeping second hand.  But be careful with this rule, because some of the better fakes have a sweeping second hand as well.
  7. There should be a very tiny Rolex crown etched into the crystal under the 6.  The crown is so small that it can only be seen with a magnifying glass.  The exceptions to this rule are the 2002 watches and the watches that have a leather band.
  8. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  If you find a “real” Rolex watch that is being sold under $500, stay away.  It is most likely a fake watch.  Rolex watches do not depreciate much in value, even if it is an older model.

Remember, when shopping for a genuine Rolex watch online it is important to do your research.  Know the specifics on the type of watch you are looking for, and that will help you separate the real watches from the fakes.   

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